Paradise to Privacy made Simple

​Make your Lanai a place to enjoy without sharing “The Moment” with all your Neighbors 

Lanai Escape is Proud to offer a Quality and Affordable Solution for those times when you want to Have Privacy to enjoy your Lanai enclosure for Sunning in the Day, Hot Tub Evenings, Watching your favorite Show’s or Whatever You want without all the Neighbors.

Imagine having friends over for a Private Party, and the Neighborhood Children Across the Canal, or Next Door, Watching. This can be a Problem, OR, Just Close the Privacy Screen and enjoy the Evening without the distractions.    

Our System uses a unique design Track System that will allow You to choose when you want to have the View and when You want the Privacy. It’s also is a Great Wind Screen for those evenings you want to be Outside but the Breeze is a little Chilly.

It’s as Simple as Closing a Curtain.